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My Journey to F2

When I opened F2 in 2018 it was the fulfilment of an enduring ambition developed through my lifelong involvement with sport and fitness.  With F2 I wanted to create a really functional training environment in which I could pass on my experience and knowledge to all types of people.  I have a strong desire to help my clients, whether top sports performers, keen fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitees from illness or injury or complete beginners, to make the best of their abilities and achieve their goals.  I have tried to grow an exciting, personal and inclusive community at F2.  This is an approach which has proved really popular and enabled F2 to grow its team and move into a larger, modern, well-equipped and exciting new space in 2020.

My journey with fitness began when, as a sporty child, I developed a real love for the purity and discipline of running.  I competed as a junior at cross country and on the track and I continue to challenge myself in this way today.  I soon began training in the gym to help my sporting ambitions.  Throughout my life, my awareness of the importance of physical activity has only grown.  As a parent, I came to realise the necessity of exercise for stress relief and, as a runner, I started to appreciate that gym work is essential for injury prevention and that good rehabilitation is essential when injury does strike.  I have developed a deep knowledge of biomechanics and a real passion for helping those with injury to recover safely.  Having experienced many injuries first-hand I understand how it feels to be injured and how important it is to look after the body.

I have a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and have trained myself in many types of gym including large body building gyms.  I actually competed in figure competitions for a period of time and received a professional card after coming 3rd in a World Championship event.  This time gave me plenty of experience and really enhanced my knowledge of nutrition and how the body adapts as a result of food intake.  It also honed my instinct to want to pass on my experience to others but in a personal and supportive way.  I began to realise that I could best help people by working with them individually or in small groups to motivate them and train them in an exciting, encouraging and supportive manner. 

I have total belief in offering a holistic approach to all F2 clients and provide help with training, injury, nutrition and motivation.  I am very keen to work with other practitioners for the benefit of my clients and I regularly collaborate with various specialists at Walnut Grove Clinic in Portishead.  I have selected equipment for the new facility which enables us to provide clients with exciting, varied, functional and effective training on every visit.  I am particularly keen on suspension training as it enables us to work with clients at all levels to develop strength, flexibility and balance and to really help with injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

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