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Firmware Update Denon Dn-mc6000



Sorting: Most recent Show: Most popular Exclude: Most unpopular Add to folder: Whatever Add to folder: All Filter by: License Filter by: Soft Filter by: All Search: Help All the help you need to get the most out of is right here. Help covers topics like How to Install Firmware, What is the Best DJ Software, Updates & Fixes.Fuchs' syndrome and neovascular glaucoma following cataract surgery. The objective of this report is to evaluate the association of Fuchs' syndrome and postoperative neovascular glaucoma following cataract surgery. This retrospective case-control study was performed in a teaching hospital. Patients with postoperative neovascular glaucoma with Fuchs' syndrome (group 1) were compared with control patients (group 2) with respect to age, sex, type of cataract, visual acuity, intraocular pressure, number of antiglaucomatous medications, intraocular pressure before surgery, surgical technique, and the fellow eye. Twenty-five eyes in 25 patients with postoperative neovascular glaucoma and Fuchs' syndrome (group 1) were matched by the above-mentioned criteria with 125 control patients (group 2). In both groups, the mean patient age was similar (82 years), with female patients slightly more represented (74% versus 60%). The main type of cataract was senile nuclear sclerotic (44% versus 52%). The mean visual acuity (0.33 versus 0.51) and intraocular pressure (24.9 mmHg versus 22.2 mmHg) were significantly lower in group 1. Group 1 showed a higher incidence of glaucoma in the fellow eye (32% versus 10%). The patients with neovascular glaucoma and Fuchs' syndrome, in comparison with control patients, showed a lower intraocular pressure, a lower visual acuity, and a higher incidence of glaucoma in the fellow eye. The data suggest that there might be a causal relationship between neovascular glaucoma and Fuchs' syndrome.Q: NullPointerException while calling method of class with generic type List I have a JSF form with a dropdown of Entity type.



Firmware Update Denon Dn-mc6000

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